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Welcome to the MSF Excellence in Accounting and NYSSCPA Chapter Scholarships Application for 2024!

Please read the following in full prior to beginning the application below.

The Moynihan Scholarship Fund (MSF) offers scholarships for accounting students based on financial need and academic performance.

The program is administered by MSF, a 501(c)(3) organization. NYSSCPA Chapter Scholarships, also administered by MSF, are funded by the generosity of members and donors.

Please read the requirements carefully, as these are unique to each chapter. You may qualify and can apply for more than one scholarship. Please read the details here to see which ones may be right for you.

On the application, each section must be completed in full by the student. You will use the same link to apply for NYSSCPA Chapter Scholarships and Excellence in Accounting scholarships.

To apply for any scholarship on this page, you must be an NYSSCPA Student Member. Please Click Here to apply. It only takes a few minutes to apply, and membership is FREE.

You will also need the following to upload and complete your application:

• Copy of your official transcript (can be emailed to scholarship@moynihanfund.org)

• Copy of your full 2024-2025 Student Aid Report (SAR)

• Copy of your 2024-2025 Financial Aid Award Package

For our NYSSCPA Chapter and Donor Based Scholarships you may also need the following

  • A 400 word max essay describing your background, career aspirations, volunteering activities, and why you are deserving of the scholarship
    • You may use the same essay to enter into multiple awards (if eligible)
  • Contact information of person(s) for letters of recommendation 
    • It is encouraged to select "Request now" when completing the letter of recommendation portion of the application so that your recommender receives the request as soon as possible